The Role of Risk Management and Its Impact on the Under Writing Policy of Insurance from the Fire


The insurance industry is an important and vital part of the components of financial activity in the economies of any country. The size of its importance and role in the protection of property and individuals and organizations has raised the interest of the financial and scientific institutions to grant a special status to this industry, and to boost interest with contribution from intellectual centers to support it with studies and ideas for better advancement of the insurance industry.These studies will keep insurance in pace with the technological developments and accelerates change in life style. Such expansion in insurance industry necissates a deep study and evaluation of the risk management. Insurance companies are always subject to variable dangers in exercizing their coverage of the practice of general insurance an re-insurance program, investment, crises, leakage of Experienced staff and others.Therefore, it is of high importance to study and to understand the risk management to face imposing dangers and change the path for a better achievments of the goals of insurance industru.In light of this, a researcher at the subject of her research dealt with (the role of risk management and its impact on the insurance from the fire). This study has been carried out in the national insurance company to test a sample of the managers of the branches and sections of the company, the questionnaire form has been used as a means to collect information, and test the hypotheses that paid attention to the existence and effect relationship between variables. In order to test the hypotheses, statistical means are used to reach certain results. This study concluded a number of conclusions. The most important, is the correlation and impact between the role of risk management relationship and securing the fire in the company in question, and the results were identical with the research hypotheses.