Measurement of the radioactivity in raw materials used in the ceramic industry in AL-Ramadi ceramic factory using (HPGe) detector


In this research, we have measured specific activity concentrations in five samples for raw materials used in ceramic industry in AL-Ramadi ceramic factory by using (HPGe) detector. The results have shown that, the average specific activity, for 238U, 232Th and 40K are equal to (18.300±6.4 Bq/kg), (17.988±6.1 Bq/kg), (167.952±63.5 Bq/kg), respectively. In order to assess the radiological hazards of the radioactivity in samples, radium equivalent activity, absorbed gamma dose rate, indoor and outdoor annual effective dose rates, gamma Index and both (external and internal) hazard effects have been calculated. All results were found to be less than the allowed global limit given by (UNSCEAR, 2000).