Effect of Salicylic Acid on Growth and Productivity Indicators of Genotypes of Wheat Triticum aestivum L. Under Dry Farming Condition.


A field experiment was carried out at the Agricultural Research Station (Bany Maqan) in Jam Gamal district of the Agricultural Research Directorate in Sulaymaniyah governorate in the agricultural season 2016-2017 with the aim of evaluating ten genotypes of the bread wheat Triticum aestivum L. (Rizkari, Adana 99, Cham 6, Klak2 ,Florka,Abo-Khreab3,Aras, Melan ,aela ,Iba99 )for studies growth production indicators, (SA0) non-activation and (SA1) soaking the seeds at 50 ppm, and spraying the total vegetation by 100 ppm and (SA2). In addition, Soaking the seeds at 100 ppm and spraying the total vegetation by 200 ppm, under the conditions of rainfed agriculture, carried out in a RCBD experiment. The results showed that the activation ratio (SA1) significantly exceeded the other activation factors in the percentage Field emergence 75.35% and the dry weight in the two stages of centrifugation, relative growth, yield, chlorophyll content of the flag leaf, plant height, and number of saplings in (45.0), the biological yield (15.73 tons, ha-1), the grain yield (5749.2 kg, ha-1), the harvest index (35.7%), the genotypes showed significant differences in all studied traits Cham 6 superior, Field emergence and dry weight in two phases ,flag leaf, height plant, total tellering, the duration of the green leaf, the number of spikes / m 2, the number of grains spike, and the weight of 1000 grains, which was reflected on the grain yield, was 6617.8 kg / ha, and the harvest yield was 40.3%, 6291 kg . ha-1, which was also superior in the number of spike the number of spike grains and the weight of a 1000 grains and in the biological yield. The interaction between activation factors and genotypes showed that the Sham 6 was significantly higher in field emergence (87.7%), number of spike/ m 2 (374.84 spike), weight of 1000 grains (44.6 g) and grain yield (7201 kg)and harvest index (42.9%) in the activation treatment SA1, weight, plant height 6 (116.27 cm), number of spike grains (48), grain yield (7490 kg /ha.), harvest index (43.9%), and the activation SA1 also.