Response of Two Corn ( Zea maize L) Genotypes to Herbicides Application


An experiment was carried out at the field of Agricultural Collage, Duhok Universityduring spring and fall season 2016, to study the effect of three herbicides with two doses for each herbicide, namely (Amaze 80, 160; Perfect, 120, 140; and Belldozer 120 and 140 ml ha-1 ) on weeds, Two maize genotypes were used (Sangria and Nawroz ). Using factorial experiment with Randomize Completely Block Design (RCBD) with three replicate. The results showed Nawroz genotype was superior in the No. of rows ear-1, No. of kernels row-1 and kernels yield plant-1 (654.8 g ) and, also the fall season was superior in some traits than spring season. The herbicides perfect at dose 140 ml ha-1 will be more effective on many broad and narrow leaves weeds yield and component of two maize genotypes by using with factorial experimental arranged in revealed that, 654.8 g and also the fall season was the best than the spring season and Perfect 140 g ha-1 was the more effective in killing the most kinds of weeds.