Rhythm In The Prose Poem : Its Concepts and Samples of its Applications


From its very beginning up till now , Arabic poem, undoubtedly, has passed through different patterns and various phases when the rhyme shaped its decisive point distinguishing its poetic text. Thus, for a long periods of time, rhyme was considered as an obstacle to the literary genres correlation. However, the intellectual, political , cultural , economic and social development of life make literati come over those traditional rhyme's stereotypes to have a new concept of Rhythm. Starting a new era of conflict between proponents of traditional literature imitating Khaleel's rhymes and the followers of prose poem calling for abandoning all old rhymes entirely and applying inner rhythms instead. To understand the reality of this conflict , we have to perceive the philosophy of both terms (rhyme and rhythm) in order to recognize the spacious difference between them. Finding out that the term of rhythm represents a new literary stage completely different from the previous one on form and content altogether and depends on internal music as a base for rhythmic creativity.


rhythm, prose poem .