Social Media Networks and Freedom of Expression of Individual Rights and Social Diversity Facebook is a Sample


Social Media Networks and Freedom of Expression of Individual Rights and Social DiversityFacebook is a SampleLecturer: Zina Saad Nushi, Ph.D.and Beiraq Jumm al-Rubei University of Baghdad/ College of Media We are, today, facing a torrent of information, ideas, images and videos due to advances of communication technology and electronic publishing. In addition to the proliferation of social networking sites that allow individuals to use them and participate in their channels without any restrictions limiting their freedom in publishing. Due to these sites many terms have emerged like alternative media which use internet and its various techniques to serve its objectives notably the freedom of expression without restrictions. This research studies the phenomenon of interactive media i.e. alternative media through Facebook along with the freedom that makes it spreading in the society and the relation of individual freedom with social diversity within the fabric of Arab societies particularly Iraqi society. This study relies on survey method to monitor codifiable reality across Facebook, the characteristics of its users and its impact on the social structure and informatics for individuals and society. This can be done through asking the users of Facebook site to understand the nature of the positive and negative impact of their use of social networking sites; whether these sites have contributed towards achieving the culture of citizenship respect and its value for the individuals within the community that can›t sleep i.e. the community of social networking sites.