The Use of Alpha and Gamma Spectroscopy to Determine the Annual Dose Due to Consumption of some Food Materials Containing lead Isotopes 210Pb and 214Pb


The current study aims to determine the radioactivity concentrations of 210Pb and 214Pb isotopes in food used by Iraqi people. Thirty four samples were collected, some are produced inside the country and others are imported and available in local markets at some Iraqi governorates, these foods are Potatoes, wheat, milk and fishes. To estimate the radioactivity concentration of 210Pb, the chemical separation method was used and 210Pb and 214Pb isotopes were deposited on silver disks. Alpha spectroscopy was used to find the spectrum of alpha particles emitted from 210Pb and 214Pb isotopes. Gamma ray spectroscopy was used to determine the radioactivity concentration of 214Pb. The annual intake and radiation dose due to the consumption of foods containing 210Pb and 214Pb isotopes were calculated. The total annual dose from the ingestion of 210Pb and 214Pb isotopes in foods are 99.01 μSv/y and 22.49 nSv/y, respectively