The used of local clays in Iraq (Mud Khaoh) in the manufacture of soaps, creams for face and hair dyes


The research includes the used of the most clay available in Iraq )in the Western Region andNorthern Region( is Mud Khaoh which cheap and available in the market and there are two Types)white color and type green color( have been working on making a number of mixtures importanttherapeutic kind of white color which gave amazing results compared with those imported and soldhigh amounts and mixtures of these can be summarized as follows:Aseptic and antiseptic soap that gave results against pathogenic bacteria.Face cream which is used to moisturize the skin, lightening color, remove red pimples and givefreshness to the face.Hair cream is used to soften the hair, give it shine, helps with lengthened treatment of skin infectionsand allergies that affect the scalp.