Green Tea Effect on Immunity State of Lab Rabbits afflicated with Entamoeba histolytica Parasite


This study includes the alcoholic extract effect of the green tea Camellia sinensis on newzealand white male rabbits infected with Entamoeba histolytica that causes Amoebic dysentery disease ,by depending on several criteria including the study of variation occurring to phagocyte coefficient and PMNs cells nourishment ,lymphatic cells,thorough active T-rosette conformation ,and bone marrow cells fission coefficient .The current study results showed insignificant decrease for nourishment of lymphatic cells and nourishment of multi-form nuclei after being treated by green tea extract 500mkml in comparison whith positive and negative control ,and increase in the rest of immunity experiments for phagocyte coefficient,thorough active T-rosette conformation,and bone marrow cells fission coefficient it is shown the current study showed ,that the potentiality of using green tea as adrug to stimulate both natural and acquired immunity aginst putrefication by amoebic dysentery disease in white rabbits.