The Effect of A Guiding Program in Slowing Down the School Violence Level for the First Intermediate Class Students


The current research aims at measuring the school violence and designing a guiding program to slow down violence level for first intermediate class students in the left side of Mosul City.The research’s sample consists of (313) students of first intermediate class students distributed on a number of schools. After applying the scale on these schools and making diagnosis process, two schools were selected (Al-Bar’a bin Malik) as an experimental group and (Dar Al-Salam Al-Thaniya) as a control group. To achieve the research aim, the researched depended on the school violence scale prepared by (Sameera2011) which consists of (43) items distributed on three fields (verbal violence, real violence and symbolic violence) and each item has three alternatives (always, sometimes and never) and this achieved the aim of measuring school violence level for the students. To slow down the school violence for the students, the researcher designed a guiding program consists of (9) lessons, they were played on a number of experts of education and psychology, and it has high validity. A number of results were achieved, one of it is that the guiding program which was designed led slow down the school violence level for the first intermediate class students, and in the light of the research results, a number of recommendations and suggestions were set