Building and applying the measure of cognitive achievement of governors   Handball in Iraq


Introduction and the importance of research: The arbitration process is one of the main dimensions of the game, as this process depends of the broad and deep knowledge of the collection of knowledge of government, in particular, and the coach and the player public row, which calls for the EU to set up will refereeing courses, focus and precision in their application to the arbitrators continuously, Amaahmah problem Vtaatgely to the need for clarity and excellence in achievement to find out their level of knowledge in line with the process of arbitration to rule the game handball. Research problem Is a collection of knowledge of the rule of the important things to upgrade the advanced level in the arbitration process in a game of handball so we find that there is a weakness in the administration and the lack of extensive knowledge of the rules of the game and the things that make a judgment with a strong personality and a good non-continuance of the developments that arise from amendments to the law, and in addition to that this game features a unique combination of performance and the type of movement that makes leadership is be difficult, which affect the outcome of the referee's decision during the administration of the game. Research objectives: (1) the construction and application of the concept of the collection of knowledge to the rulers of handball in Iraq, scale, and to identify the cognitive achievement of their level. The theoretical studies: touched on the concept of measurement, and the concept of knowledge, and its divisions, and in the measurement of cognitive field sports, and Jalat attainment of the rulers. Field research methodology and procedures: The researcher used the descriptive survey manner as the research procedures included the construction of the scale. The most important conclusions: 1-scale current ability to measure cognitive achievement of the handball referees.2- distributed collection of knowledge on the six-level scale sample has occurred at (the concept of a collection of knowledge over the middle, and average), but recommendations researcher is recommended the following: 1. The adoption of this measure as a tool for the detection of cognitive achievement level of football referees Alid.2- develop collection positive cognitive and implanting the handball referees to its importance in the performance and confidence in the management of the game to reach the best levels