Effects of Neighboring Countries on the Iraqi Parliament Performance after 2003


More than ten years after the invasion of Iraq by the U.S force in 2003, the country is still in total shambles. One major factor in this situation is effects of neighboring countries which is considered as an indispensable factor to the political system of Iraq as well as to the effective functioning of the Iraqi parliament. As a result, The study examined how neighboring countries (such as Iran and Turkey) and Arab countries (such as Saudi Arabia and Syria) influence the effectiveness of the Iraqi parliament's during interference in parliamentary elections, support of terrorist operations in Iraq, influence existing laws on foreign affairs and provide financial support to political blocs in the Iraqi parliament that are loyal to these countries especially after the Saddam era. It undertakes an in-depth study of face-to-face interview, parliamentary reports, governmental reports, statutes, laws, and secondary data from academic writings (books, journal articles, and chapters in books) to examine how the influences of neighboring countries affect the Iraqi parliamentary institution functions. The results revealed that parliament was unable to perform its functions effectively because of these regional effects.