Utilitarian Dimension For The Relationship of The Individual (Designer)and The Requirements of The Community


Contemporary researches focused on studying the social effect on architecture from several sides which were distinguished by focusing on the role of mass in forming the architectural personality of that society from the perspective of symbolic side, and moved away from studying this role and its effect on architectural formation from other sides which are more comprehensive and specialized by adding another role that is the individual role from the base of the design influence, and this is what form the foundation and the real need for breakthrough research and quest to understand and view the appropriate comprehensive by studying utilitarian dimension of the relationship between the individual as a designer and the requirements of the group. This research aims to identify the general principles of the relationship of the individual designer group in the light of his understanding of the needs of Variation and their impact in creating a theoretical base for the case of expediency of that relationship and then focus on the study of Instant intellectual emotional bond between the thought of the individual (the designer), the Community and the impact of technology social where the status of the interaction between them and so in order to build a framework My perception is cognitive will be applied to the product of an architect team in order to extract and analyze the results of this application and to explore patterns verify the utilitarian formula of the relationship of the individual (the designer) the group with the introduction of the final conclusions and recommendations.