Suggested Method To Dealing With Site Course Aggregate To Product Best Concrete


The standard concrete mixing procedures indicate that during concrete mixing process, it is recommended to use fully saturated- dry surface course aggregates (FSDCA). It is clear that the exact application of this rule will produce a concrete of a good quality. But in practice, course aggregates are exposed to weather changes. This actual situation will lead to dry the course aggregates in summer and to over wet it during winter. To investigate the effect of using different moisture content course aggregates on concrete product in work site an experimental program had been done. This program consists of testing 54 concrete samples (27 cube +27 prism). The samples were divided into three groups (a, b, and c). The second group (b) was a concrete mix containing dry aggregates, while the third group (c) contained over wet aggregates and the first group (a) was the basic standard mix using (FSDCA). One third of the samples were tested in the age of 7 days, while the other third was tested in the age of 14 days and the rest after 28 days. Test results show that there are reduction in compression and flexural strengths of concrete due to the use of different moisture content course aggregates. Finally, new recommendations were concluded to be used in practice to overcome the mentioned repetitive error and to be more close to the theoretical recommendations in order to get better concrete properties.