Isolation of Enterobius vermicularis from patients with acute appendicitis


To evaluate the acute appendicitis due to Enterobius vermicularis appendiceswere surgical removed and then macroscopical and microscopical examinationwere performed. The samples were obtained from patient admitted in Al-Najafhospitals , 980 appendices were examined and the result was indicated that 73 of980 cases ( 7.45 % ) were infected with E. vermicularis including 33 male ( 3.37%) and 40 female ( 4.08 % ) at the age of 5 – 34 years. The result showed thatthe patient sex gender not affected on the infection , but the ages group did. Thestudy reported that the existence of E. vermicularis in appendicitis can cause thesymptoms resembling appendicitis and even inflammation of appendicitis.