Determination of some Nitrogen and phosphorous species in Shatt Al-Arab River by flow injection analysis


FIA is a very successful method in simplifying chemical assays. The main reasons for the successare the following advantage of FIA over conventional manual techniques: High sampling rate, smallersample and reagent consumption and waste generation, simplicity and low cost instrumentation,Availablability of instrumentation in all laboratories, increased precision compared to batchmethodologies and Automation in sample preparation and detection.A Study was conducted monthly to estimate the levels of some nitrogen and phosphorousspecies : Nitrite (NO2-), Nitrate (NO3-) Ammonium (NH4+) and phosphate (PO4-3) in waters of shattAl-Arab from nine stations: (1) Qurnah (Tigris) (2) Qurnah Euphrates (3) Saad bridge (4) Qarmat Ali(5) Al-Najeebia(6) Ashar(7) Abu Al-khasib(8) Seeba and (9) Fao for the period October 2009 toSeptember 2010. The higher concentrations of nitrite were recorded in the station 5 (Al-Najeebia) inmarch 2010 was 0.110 μgml and station 8) Seeba( in Jan 2010 was 0.095 μgml while the higherconcentrations of Nitrate were recorded in station 7 (Abu Al-khasib) in Jun, July 2010 were0.225,0.275 μgml respectively. The results indicated that (NH4+) concentrations increasing duringMay, June and July 2010 especially in stations 5 and 6 was (0.95, 1.35),( 1.30, 1.25) and (1.45, 1.40μgml) respectively. phosphate concentrations increasing during winter and spring 2010 especially instations (Ashar, Abu Al-Khasib, Seeba,and Fao) 1.566, 2.033, 0.966, 1.266 μgml respectively. Thiscan be attributed to increasing in temperature in summer, salinity of Shatt Al-Arab water and decay oforganic and inorganic compounds in high temperature.