Centralized Database for Laboratory Test: A Case Study Of Oil Refinery


The data management can be considered as an important subject in information management. The correct and relevant data can be used as a source of valuable information in organization like factories and refineries, and by good management of this data the right decision can be take. The database system is considered as the best choice to manage data efficiently. In oil refinery the laboratories will support the operational processing and provide the employees with knowledge to control the operational condition of unit operation. These laboratories results can be considered as a resource of information in oil refinery and stored in centralized database of client-server system installed on intranet. Using intranet as a private network with central database in oil refinery will provide secure and speed sharing of information within oil refinery, improve employee's productivity, time management, reduce many of the administrative expenses, it can be designed according to the needs of refinery and is subject to internal policies, at last it is cheap to be implemented and run. The authorized employees can access central database and see these laboratories results by using their clients' computers; this will save time and give them the ability to take required right decision quickly in the operation unit and lead to improve quality control on the operational process in oil refinery.