The role of infrastructure in economic activity for the city of Hit (water - electricity) field study


Came this study reflect the analysis of the role of infrastructure in economic activity in the city of Hit (water, electricity), which in reality suffer from a lack of large palaces and clear in size, distribution and organization of the spatial and the result of the weakness of the visions of planning at the time as well as the absence of plans for the future that takesinto consideration the size of the city's population growing at a time contribute to the infrastructure in activating the role of economic activity in the field of industry, trade and services and increase the size of the investment and the expansion of economic activity as well as being a fundamental rule adopted by the joints of other life in relation to human life and the provision of life healthy disease-free(drinking water and electricity in daily use the study showed the reality of services and its role in economic activity in the city as well as the irregular distribution and caused them a lot of problems if not treated commensurate with the size of the current population and the rate of future growth