Transfer Factor of Radioactive Elements 226Ra، 40K and 232Th from Soil to some Local Vegetables at Different Regions in Nineveh Governorate


In this study the activity concentrations of natural radioactive elements 226Ra، 40K، 232Th and their transfer factor for 36 samples of soil and vegetables in four agriculture locations (Rabea، Al-Rashedia، Hamam Al-Aleel and Al-Salamia) were calculated. The average activity concentrations of 40K، 226Ra، 232Th in soil were found to be 624.66±75.4، 20.64±3.63 and 6.73±1.84 Bq/kg respectively in the four locations. Their values in dry vegetables were found to be 314.07±36.3، 7.9±1.63 and 1.68±0.92 Bq/kg and in fresh vegetables were found to be 31.2±7.9، 0.74±0.23 and 0.175±0.07 Bq/kg respectively. The average transfer factors of 40K، 226Ra، 232Th from soil to dry vegetables were found to be 0.507±0.04، 0.386±0.06 and 0.216±0.03 while their values to fresh vegetables were found to be 0.05±0.014، 0.037±0.013 and 0.022±0.007 respectively in the four locations also. The average values of absorbed dose and the total annual dose were found to be 0.04±0.0037 μGy/h، 70.93 μSv/y respectively