Determination of the Energy Resolution for Nuclear Track Detector LR-115 Using Matab Software


The aim of this research to determine the energy resolution of the nuclear detector LR-115 to distinguish between the different energies of alpha particles which were obtained from the source amiricium(241Am ) as well as improve its efficiency through investigation and detect the number of deposited tracks on the material detector which was shown after the chemical treatment of the detector when the etching conditions (NaOH, 2.5N, 60O C).We have been using computer programs named (Gauss Track) and (Wbl Track), which can handle a lot of data and thus measure parameters of nuclear track as numbers of tracks (N) and average diameters (D) and its average area (A). Where the Energy resolution of detector (R) was determined by the equation of energy resolution in terms of the diameter's track (ΔE / E)D and by the two programs mentioned above and which contain Gauss distribution function and distribution function of Weibull respectively. This has been done at the optimum time of etching,where the least standard deviation of the spectrum distribution happened.We also prepared a program named (Edge Track) and by using the operators (Roberts, Prewitt, Canny, Sobel, Zero-cross, Log) to detect the edges of tracks and theor circumference to study the effect of that technique on the properties of the detector via its analysis ability and efficiency to detect another tracks. It has been shown that the operator (Roberts) has a high potential to detect the tracks which reflected positively on the efficiency of the detector. It also showed this technique has a positive effect on the ability of the energy resolution of the detector through improvement qualitatively (decreasing numerically) when we use Gaussian function. Also a modified operation has been done on the Gauss Track program to obtain a program similar to it, we called (Area Gauss Track) after making a fitting between replicates of the intensity of the tracks according to its area which has been done before and after the using the Edge detection technique which showed a qualitative improvement on the property analytical detector. It has been found that the ability of energy resolution at higher energies better than with lower ones within the range of user.