The Influence of Website-Based Dictionaries on EFL Learners' Vocabulary Building


The aim of the current study is to examine the effectiveness of using dictionaries which operate based on the internet to measure their effects on learners' vocabulary development and growth. Forty-four female students were selected by the researcher as a sample of the study among 86 total number of the students at Al-Mansour Preparatory Girl School during the second course of the academic year 2016/2017. SPSS software was used by the researcher to measure effects and changes in students' scores after conducting the new experiment. Results showed that the experimental group learners performed better than the control group in the vocabulary test. The experimental group gained higher score than the control group. The experimental group learners confessed that the process of vocabulary learning became easier with online dictionaries than with the traditional ones. They also stated that they were able to know, memorize, and use many words after using online dictionaries.