Significance of serum heat stable alkaline phosphatase as a marker in lung cancer


The objective of this study is the evaluation of serum levels of heat stable alkalinephosphatase(HSAP) as marker in lung cancer. The study include 44 lung cancer patientswith and without metastases and 30 matched healthy individuals. It has been found asignificant elevation (p<0.001) in patients with metastase and(p<0.01) in patients withoutmetastases for biomarker, in sera of patients in comparison to the health subjects. Adecreaese in the levels of the biomarker was apparently significant after removal of themalignant tumor. However multiple post-operative determinat of HSAP showedcontinuing elevation of the biomarker above the normal value in patients who developedmetastases. The results indicate that the HSAP can be used as a marker in the detectionand prediction of metastases in lung cancer.


HSAP, lung cancer