The superiority of fuzzy exponential faimly distributions in measuring the reliability of the machines


The study of the efficiency of the reliability of systems or productive systems in scientific life has a significant and important role in the scientific and technological development of these systems. This study deals with the superiority of mass fuzzy exponential distributions (exponential, wibble, kama, natural logarithmic) in measuring the reliability of the machines of the successive system. The applied study included data taken from the Diesel Station north of Diwaniyah, which is the time of failure and taken to a single block consisting of five machines operating respectively. The most important results of the study are that the data follow the distributions of the mass fuzzy exponential and the best distribution is the natural distribution logarithmic as the owner of the highest reliability as it turns out that the machines decreased significantly and largely because of the lack of preventive maintenance of these machines because of lack of equipment backup materials as a result of the austerity policy as well as the poor fuel used in operation.