Digital Image Encryption using AES and Random Number Generator


In nowadays world of rapid evolution of exchanging digital data, data protection is required to protect data from theunauthorized parities. With the widely use of digital images of diverse fields, it is important to conserve the confidentiality ofimage’s data form any without authorization access. In this paper the problem of secret key exchanging with the communicatedparities had been solved by using a random number generator which based on Linear Feedback Shift Register (LFSR). Theencryption/decryption is based on Advance Encryption Standard (AES) with the random key generator. Also, in this paper, bothgrayscale and colored RGB images have been encrypted/decrypted. The functionality of proposed system of this paper, isconcerned with three features: First feature, is dealing with the obstetrics of truly random and secure encryption key while thesecond one deals with encrypting the plain or secret image using AES algorithm and the third concern is the extraction theoriginal image by decrypting the encrypted or cipher one. “Mean Square Error (MSE)”, “Peak Signal to Noise Ratio (PSNR)”,“Normalized Correlation (NK)”, and “Normalized Absolute Error (NAE)” are measured for both (original-encrypted) imagesand (original-decrypted) image in order to study and analyze the performance of the proposed system according to image qualityfeatures.