The Impact of Customer Experience in Achieving Sustainable Competitive Advantage An analytical study of the views of a sample of individuals working in Cork Mobile Company in Iraq


The basis of the research was based on an analysis of the relationship between customer experience and sustainable competitive advantage. The research was tested at korek Telecom. Fifty (50) questionnaire forms were distributed to the individuals who were distributed in the departments and divisions of the studied company. The problem of research has identified several questions about the relationship of correlation and influence between search variables, the questionnaire was used as a main tool for collecting data and information. In order to reach the results, the researcher attempted to test two main hypotheses related to the relationship of correlation and influence between the main research variables and the purpose of processing data and information, the researcher used various statistical tools using the statistical system spss. The research reached the most important conclusions, the existence of significant correlation between the two variables and the existence of a significant impact of the customer experience in the sustainable competitive advantage. The researcher presented a set of proposals that serve the studied company, the most important of which is the need to adopt the company's research concept of the customer experience in achieving sustainable competitive advantage.