Social Responsibility as an Input to Organizational Excellence An explore study of the opinion of some workers in Al Salam Hospital


The aim of the research is to examine social responsibility as an im-portant factor in achieving organizational excellence, since the issue of social responsibility is the biggest supporter of better performance due to its positive correlation with organizational performance in achieving the goals and thus achieving success in the long term. Achieving long-term success has made business organizations focus their attention on social responsibility in their work, interaction and responsibilities with the community to achieve success in a competitive business environment. In light of this, a research question has been asked. Can social responsibility be an input to organizational excellence? And to answer the question, the nature of the correlation between social responsibility and the dimensions of organizational excellence (leadership, human resources, strategic planning, organizational culture, employee satisfaction) was determined through field testing of research variables based on theoretical and methodological framework. To reach the objectives of the research, a questionnaire form was prepared for this purpose and distributed and the number of (50) forms were distributed to the employees. The results of the analysis showed a difference in the force of influence for each dimension of the organizational excellence with social responsibility, where the human resource ranked first in terms of strength of influence and then after the strategic planning in the second place, The third was the post-leadership share, and each of the fourth and fifth rank came to the organizational culture and the satisfaction of workers, respectively In light of these results, the researchers presented a set of recommendations, perhaps the most important one is:-Maintaining good levels of organizational excellence in the studied organization, especially the human resource, because it has an impact on social responsibility with the multiplier attention of individuals working on their personal, organizational and psychological needs as it is the way to enhance organizational excellence and strive to sustain it. -The need to adopt a variety of leadership models that promote the dimensions of organizational excellence such as visionary leadership with the need to pay attention to the dimensions combined to achieve success and excellence.