The Moderated Role Proactive Orientation In Achieving Competitive Advantage Based On Marketing Strategies: an exploratory study of a sample of workers in the Asia-Cell Mobile Telecommunications Company in Iraq


The research aims at the relationship between marketing strategies test as a variable independent of by appointment its dimensions (offense marketing strategy, defense marketing strategy) and competitive advantage as a variable dependent orientation proactive as a variable and the mediator helps the organization to achieve competitive advantage as a variable dependent, and thus it was necessary to answer the question the basis that: Is there a correlation between the number and impact of marketing strategies ratings and orientation proactive relationships and competitive advantage? To investigate the contents of the answer, selected a group of employees in Asia Cell Company for Mobile Communications and its subsidiaries, encompassing the study sample group of employees number (50) as employer, and adopted the study descriptive analytical method, and promised resolution main tool to collect the required data which analyzed the adoption of statistical software (Spss.18) and many of the statistical methods, The study found the group's conclusions, including: a relationship directly and the impact of marketing strategies in the proactive approach that proved a direct impact on the competitive advantage, as well as indirect effects of marketing strategies in competitive advantage, which indicates the role of marketing strategies to reach proactive orientation and then achieve competitive advantage