The Extent of the Contribution of Organizational Capacity In the Development of Job Security for Individuals Working A practical study of the views of a sample of individuals working in the General Company for the manufacture of medicines and medical supplies


The sense of job security is important as it can be considered the cornerstone after the physiological needs in the stages of growth which affect the individual's compatibility with his organization, and therefore is a basic requirement and objective intended by contemporary organizations to achieve. The availability of sufficient sense of security requires leadership abilities capable of developing the security of the personnel working in the organization.The General Company for Medicines and Medical Supplies was a field for conducting the research, the study problems were shaped according to the following questions:1.What is the sense of job security among individuals working in the surveyed organization?2.What are the relationships of correlation and impact between organizational capacity and job security to the employees? 3.What is the organizational capacity variance in the development of job security among employees in the surveyed organization? The above research questions were tested by testing the correlation and effect relationships of the variables between the organizational and security capacities, which were tested using a number of statistical means of data collected by the questionnaire that distributed to a sample of (50) working individuals.A number of conclusions have been reached, the most important of which is the degree of correlation between organizational capacity and job security. This confirms the interest of the administrative leadership in promoting the driving and preventive needs that the Herzberg theory emphasized. In light of this, the researchers presented recommendations that fit the conclusions reached.