The Impact of the Iraqi Central Bank Policies on the Stability of the Dinar Exchange Rate


The study aims to demonstrate the impact of the Iraqi Central Bank's policies on the stability of the Dinar exchange rate during (2003-2013). The study focuses on three independent variables that appeared in auctions, international foreign reserves of foreign currency (dollar) and gold, and monetary policy illustrated by indirect tools (the discount rate, the legal reserve, open market operations) and their impact on the dependent variable that has been identified by the stability of the Iraqi Dinar exchange rate. Statistical analysis and hypothesis testing have been used to achieve the objectives of the present study and answer its questions, where the results of the study showed the presence of a statistically significant effect at (a=0.05) for the Central Bank's policies (auctions, the official reserves of foreign currency, and monetary policy) in the stability of the Iraqi Dinar exchange rate. The results of the study also found that auctions values were relatively stable during the study period, and this stability is due to the success of the Central Bank's policy to reduce the supply of the Dinar and increase sale of the Dollar.