The role of financial derivatives on the risk of foreign currency exchange volatility in enhancing the quality of profits - a method that is prescribed in the Iraqi environment


The objective of this research is to develop a method for applying financial derivatives in the local environment to reduce the risk of foreign exchange rate fluctuations to enhance quality of accounting profits through Financial reporting to local units In accordance with international financial reporting standards, To accomplish this objective was selected a sample of Iraqi units exposed to the risk of fluctuations in foreign currency rates, As the research found:1-many companies and banks in the local environment a lot of losses due to fluctuations in foreign currency exchange rates.2-that financial derivatives in the Iraqi environment represents a mechanism to avoid risks faced by the unit to recognize the changes in the value of a financial instrument in the same period to admitting the hedge item changes that is for, The search has recommended the achieve the requirements of the developments in the Iraqi environment and opening up of the Iraqi units on foreign business dealings, especially made in foreign currency that are accompanied by many risks is to activate the financial derivatives transactions in foreign currency is important to reduce the the associated risks.2.the need to develop domestic accounting rule 4 by adding financial tools to rule in accordance with the measurement and disclosure of international financial reporting standard 7 & 9 to help the decision maker to take rational decisions.