The Role of Financial Analysis in Investors Decisions ( Iraqi Stock Exchange )


Abstract:- The research aims to reveal the role of financial analysis in rationalizing the investor decision on the Iraqi stock Exchange market, by studying the relationship and impact techniques and methods of financial analysis on the decisions of investors in the market. The most important techniques and methods discussed in this study were: analysis (financial ratios analysis, comparison of financial statements analysis, cash flow statement analysis) for companies listed in the Iraqi stock Exchange market. The researcher adopted the analytical descriptive method which depends on the collection of data on the phenomenon and its interpretation. The questionnaire was used as a tool to survey on local investors in market (30) investors, the research hypotheses were analyzed using the statistical program SPSS and using the T-test and ANOVA-test. In light the theoretical and practical study of the research, the researcher reached a set of results, the existence of a strong relationship and influence between the techniques of financial analysis selected and decisions of investors in the Iraqi stock Exchange market. The study presented many of the recommendations, the most important of which were the need to provide financial analysis of the lists and financial reports in the Iraqi Stock Exchange by specialists and analysts with efficiency and experience to increase the awareness and culture of the Iraqi investor, which help in rationalizing its investment decision