The Effects of International Intervention on the Environment: A Critical Analysis of the USA Invasion of Iraq in 2003


ABSTRACT :Foreign intervention is an old phenomenon which caused major problems for many countries for centuries. This intervention causes many problems including environmental problems which affect the natural habitat of the invaded countries and is a clear violation of international regulations. This research is focused on the 2003 US-led invasion of Iraq with its dire negative consequences on the health and daily lives of Iraqis. Since the 1991 Gulf war, many international embargoes were placed Iraq which practically either destroyed or paralysed its various institutions. The effect of this caused great sufferings on the Iraqi people coupled with the economic blockade which significantly caused the collapse of the living standard of the Iraqi people. This has made the Iraqi people devoid of all the necessities of life as a result of the US invasion. This study is a legal research which highlights on some of the political aspects of the problem, it also adopts legal approach in the descriptive method to show facts based on secondary data available. Data were obtained from libraries, Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education and the internet. The research attempts to show some of the facts to those who may be interested in protecting the environment the consequences of what happened in Iraq as a result of the illegal invasion of Iraq led by the United States. The negative impacts are still affecting the lives of the common Iraqis and we should draw the position of the illegal invasion under the international law.