Evaluating the reality of using e-learning management system (EMES) in KAAU from the students


Study Objectives: This study aims to Identify the following:To what extent, the students of KUUA in Jeddah benefited from (EMES. The obstacles that face students in KAAU in using e-learning management system (EMES). Improving KAAU experiment in the use of e-learning managementsystem (EMES) from the students. Most important results: The overall average mark for students' benefit from (EMES) reached average degree (3,86). The overall average mark of the obstacles that face the students reached with probable obstacle (1,04). The highest point concerning the improvement of KAAU usage of the system reached (25,4%) from the students viewpoints concerning developing the system to catch up with the new technology requirements. Most important recommendations and suggestions: Making sure of the infrastructure quality and having intensive ,in-service training on using (EMES) - The study suggested implementing evaluating studies for the system according to the international criteria of comprehensive quality - It also suggests making a field study to pinpoint and identify the system's technical problems and ways to get over them.