Design a robust system for ratification and distinguish Fake documents using barcode technology


Abstract Consistently, there are many arrangements in our lives, that need documentation and these documents should be secured from being fraud. In any case, seals, stamps, fingerprints, and marks are antiquated and can be effectively changed, fashioned or even stolen, making the arrangement's records simple to be defiled. There is a requirement for the nontraditional strategy to secure these arrangements out of defilement. In addition, need to apply computer programming and new administration ideas for the ideal and safe managing operations. This work concentrates on the utilization of watermark barcode, to protect the information in the documents from any change. The system proposed in this paper is based on two basic phases: Documentation phase and testing phase of the documents. The first one consist of extracting the important information and coded and convert to the barcode that placed on the logo of the document as a watermark background. While in the testing phase, the program gives an alert message to inform the user about the authenticity of the barcode and its connection to the document information. Finally, the barcode was achieved 100% as accuracy results at very high speed in all stages, it was noted that the program works easily and excellent in the process of reading.