Trend the news of Iraq in the Tehran radio website


The websites of the radio stations have become a new platform for the transmission of news and documentation through the Internet and the speaker tongue for those who miss the pleasure of listening to the radio and must be scientific studies documenting this new start in the news world as well as the importance of choosing the site from the rest of the sites. The atmosphere of mutual quarrels with some political parties in Iraq as well as the lack of studies on the Iranian media, which is a neighbor of Iraq and we have links and geographical and religious links and a great overlap between our communities to reach the political, economic and social dimensions . The research started from asking one question, the president of what is the most prominent news trends in the Arabic-language Tehran radio station to know the size of Iraq news compared to other news and to reveal the neutrality of the site and determine the balance in the news of Iraq on the Tehran radio website. The descriptive analytical survey was conducted by the research community. The research community is all the newsletters on the website of the Arabic-language Tehran radio station. The sample is the period for the study. The researcher adopted a comprehensive inventory method for the research period from 1 to 31 July 2016, ie, a full month (30 days) The number of news concerning the Muslim world is (267) and was the news of Iraq's share of it (85) news and accounted for (28.61%) compared to the total. The researcher relied on the observation and on the design of a form for analyzing the news and its temporal boundaries. The website of the Arabic-speaking radio station in Tehran and the duration of the study from 1-30 / 7/2016 and the objective of the news trends in the newsletters of the Tehran Radio website The research reached several conclusions, including: the lack of location of the balance in the diversification of Iraqi news The focus on the news and the news of security news and taking a large space and a lot of Iraq's political and economic news, especially news on administrative corruption and the lack of sources of news and this is an indication of poor credibility and impartiality and accuracy of news and reduce the News of the Iraqi army or ignore the mention of the generality of the news with the status of the parties to his wife, whether Iraqi or foreign, but the size of Iraq's news compared to the Islamic world news, a ranking of the site, a large and good proportion approached a third.