Effect of addition of nitrogen fertilizer on some quality characteristics in the hulled seeds of three varieties of sunflower crop


Implemented a field experiment in the agricultural season spring 2006 in the area of science in the province of Salah al-Din to study the effect of levels of nitrogen fertilizer added to the three varieties of crop sunflower Helianthus annuusL. are (Euroflor (French) and Flamy (Turkish) and Manon (French) in some recipes seeds hulled quality. Use the randomized block design complete with three replications HCBD after the maturity of the crop taking 25 grams of ten plants of the lines of moderation and studied the characteristics of oil content, protein, ash and carbohydrates results showed superiority Category Manon highest percentage of ash (3.766%) at the level of nitrogen fertilizer 80 / kg.ha-1, as well as in the proportion of Zein (97.2%) at a level of 60 kg.ha-1, while class Euroflor gave the highest percentage of carbohydrates (210.020%) at 80 / kg.ha-1.