Study the Histological Effects Due to Injection of the Antibiotic Oxytetracycline in the Liver of the Local Rabbit Males Oryctolagus cuniculus


The present study was conducted during August 2015 to February 2016 at Kirkuk University laboratories to determine the effect of Oxytetracycline on the liver tissue of the rabbits Oryctolagus cuniculus, to evaluate the drug using the drug injection and to determine the safe dose for use in the animals. Three doses were administered by injection of the muscle. In the study, 48 rabbits were divided into four groups, the first group was injected with distilled water, and the other three groups were injected with antibiotics once daily for 15 days at a concentration of 5, 10 and 20 mg / kg body weight Respectively. The animals were dissected on different periods after the completion of the dosage 7 days after the completion of the dosage, 30 days and 60 days. The histological examination showed several tissue lesions in the studied organ, which consisted of degeneration and necrosis of the tissue cells, infiltration of the inflammatory cells, pyknosis of nuclei, karyorrhexis of part of them, karyolysis of the other part, damage of the walls of the blood vessels, hemorrhage, Furthermore occurrence of hemolysis , congestion and dilatation of the central vein, the desquamation of endothelium and swelling of sinusoids in the liver.