The effect of oxytetracycline, Probiotic and Citric acid supplementation to the diet in productive traits of broiler chickens


This study was carried out at the poultry farm of Animal Production Dept./ College of Agricultural/ University of Anbar in the alternative site (Abu Ghraib) during the period from 1/12/2016 to 5/1/2017 to investigate the effect of adding antibiotic growth promoters oxytetracycline (OTC) and probiotic mixture (Bacillus subtilus 4.0 × 109 and live saccharomyces cervisiae 3.0 x 1011) and organic acid (citric acid 98%). A total of 270 one– day old male broilers (Ross 308) were individually weighed and randomly distributed into six treatments. Each treatment included three replicates (15 bird/ replicate). The treatments were as follows: T1 (control), without addition, T2 5mg (OTC) kg diet, T3 and T4 probiotics at different concentration (1 and 1.5 g kg diet). T5 and T6 included 1 and 1.5 g kg diet citric acid respectively. The results showed, The highest feed conversion ratio (FCR) was observed in (T3) 1.0 g probiotickg diet, while the lowest FCR was seen in control group and 1.5 citric acid group at 35 days of age. the highest body weight gain (BWG) was observed in 1.0 g probiotickg diet, while the least value was related to (T2) 5mg OTC kg and (T5) 1.0g citric acidkg diet, and significant increase in dressing percentage without giblets in T3 during the trial period 35 day