Infant Sleep Practice and Sleep Environment in Erbil City


ABSTRACT:BACKGROUND: Sudden infant death syndrome is a common cause of infant mortality below age of one year, and it is of unknown cause, but simple protective measures in the infant sleep practice and sleep environment can dramatically reduce its occurrence.OBJECTIVE: To study infants sleep environment and sleep practice in Erbil city.METHODS: This was an observational cross sectional study, random sample of 100 mother-infant pairs aged between 1 and 8 months were interviewed face to face using a questioner about infant sleep practice and sleep environment in relation to SIDS risk factors.RESULTS: In this study most Risky infant sleep practice detected were: lateral sleep position 39%,face covering 22%,bed sharing 42%,soft mattress 68%,bottle feeding 40% and smoke exposure 47%,the mothers had little knowledge about SIDS and no recommendations was given to them about safe infant sleep.CONCLUSION:There is a need to increase mothers' awareness about SIDS by public education by the health personnel at the neonatal care units and the primary health centers about SIDS and its risk factors and safe sleep recommendations to decrease its occurrence.