Internet Protocol (IP) Steganography Using Modified Particle Swarm Optimization (MPSO) Algorithm


All users of the Internet are dealing with Internet protocol (IP). Therefore, it is a kind of smart when IP packet is used as a cover for hiding secret messages. Hence, this paper presents network security by using IP packets steganography. The proposed method is developed by an intelligent technique called modified particle swarm optimization (MPSO). In the proposed system, the secret characters are merged in IP identification field using a proposed embedding algorithm so as the system be more robust in face of attackers. The use of MPSO algorithm is considered as a development to enhance the proposed system, by selecting most convenient packets for hiding inside. The total time for hiding (53) characters in (100) raw sample, if MPSO is employed, takes approximately (128 μs for transmitting and 109 μs for receiving). while the delay time for the same sample without using MPSO is approximately (121μs for transmitting and 98 μs for receiving).