Theoretical Study of Nuclear Density Distributions and Elastic Electron Scattering Form Factors of Some Proton Halo Nuclei (17Ne and 8B)


Theoretical investigation of proton halo-nucleus (8B and 17Ne) has revealed that the valence protons are to be in pure (1p1/2)1 orbit for 8B and (1d3/2)2 orbit for 17Ne. The nuclear matter density distributions, the elastic electron scattering form factors and (proton, charge, neutron and matter) root-mean square (rms) are studied for our tested nuclei, through an effective two-body density operator for point nucleon system folded with two-body full correlation operator's functions. The full correlation (FC's ) takes account of the effect for the strong short range repulsion (SRC's) and the strong tensor force (TC's) in the nucleon-nucleon forces. The effective two-body density operator is produced and used to derive an explicit form for ground state two-body nucleon density distributions (2BNDD's) applicable for proton – rich halo nuclei and Fortran 95 programs are utilized to obtain theoretical values of our calculation. The effect of the TC's and SRC's on the ground state also calculated. 2BNDD's obtained within the two- frequency shell model (TFSM) approach, the elastic charge scattering form factors F(q)'s of proton halo nuclei are studied through Plane Wave Born Approximation (PWBA) .