Association of Adiponectin Gene Promoter Polymprphism (rs266729) With Ischemic Heart Diseases


background: Ischemic Heart Disease is a group of diseases of the blood vessels supplying the heart muscle. Adiponectin is a protein secreted by adipocyte with insulin-sensitizing, Anti-inflammatory and anti-atherogenic properties. Several studies have shown that polymorphisms within the adiponectin gene can be associated with Ischemic heart disease. Aim: The aim of the present study was to evaluate the impact of (rs266729) SNP in the promoter region of the ADIPOQ gene on the occurrence of Ischemic heart disease (IHD).Methods: The study included 150 patients with IHD randomly selected based on World Health Organization (WHO) guideline and 150 as controls group. DNA was extracted from blood and genotyped by PCR-RFLP by using (Hha1) enzyme. Result: The frequency of G allele of rs266729 (C/G) polymorphism was significantly (p=0.0001) in IHD (19.6%) compared with control (13.3%). The homozygous genotype (GG) significantly (0R=1.71, CI 95%=0.65-4.96, P= 0.0001) increased the risk of Ischemic Heart Disease compared with wild type (CC) after adjustment age, sex, and BMI, furthermore the heterozygous (CG) genotype significantly (0R=1.61, CI 95%=0.96-2.87, P= 0.0001) raised the risk of Ischemic Heart Disease.Conclusion: Adiponectin gene polymorphism rs266729 is involved in the pathogenesis Ischemic heart disease.