Analysis, Modeling, and Design of a Reliable Wide Area Network Case Study for Tikrit University Intranet


This work presents the analysis and modeling of communication network used for data transmission with multi-protocols in campus network. The designed network is based on the geographical location of communication nodes. (Colleges and centers). Network optimal backbone is first designed by Kruskal algorithm. It will be subject to reliability improvement by links addition. Tie-sets method is used to evaluate the network reliability. Communication nodes are modeled using local area network (LAN), server, links, router, switch, and Firewall. Intranet will be used as communication backbone mainly to connect different communication nodes with the Principal Communication Center (PCC) where the System Server (SS) is located. The connection of Intranet to the Internet is mad via the front-end system server (SS). Tikrit University Intranet (TUI) is taking as case study in the present research. Tikrit University sites are grouped into master communication nodes. Each node is composed from several colleges, centers, and administrative sections.