Studying in electrical conductivity of azo pure polymer and doped with Nano oxide metals.


Four azo monomers with different azo moieties content have been prepared (tetrazonium, I. II. III and IV) .Tetrazonium (Ι) was polymerized to polyamide by using interfacial polymerization technique.The polymer was doped with nanoparticals of cupper oxide and cobalt oxide with different weight ratio (0.5% , 1% , 1.5% , 1.8% ,2.0%) . The electrical conductivity of the monomers and polymers (pure and doped) has been measured as a function as weight ratio and temperature. The (Ι –V) characteristies shows increasing in current by voltage for all samples. The results also indicate decreasing the current by azo content increasing in monomers samples. It was noticed that the electrical conductivity increased many order of magnitude by temperature elevation or by doping with cobalt oxide and cuppric oxide. The activation energy was increased by doping.