The influence of authorizing sequences on the development of the strategic importance of Maysan oil :Political Geography Study.


Misan province has large oil reserves, spread over all departments to maintain, some producing fields and other non-productive and a third is under development, and geographical factors contribution to the development of important geo-strategic Misan Oil Fields, Where there is oil in the layers it is complex and close to the surface of the earth. In addition to the quality of its quality and lower production costs, not to mention the geographical location as Misan oil fields not far from the ports of export in the Arabian Gulf, As well as its proximity to the largest oil reserves and production area in the world, giving it dimension Geopolitical, In other words, the production of the province of Misan oil remained modest due to political factors (Iraqi - Iranian war), economic factors (the economic embargo on Iraq). But oil production is increasing after entering the Misan oil fields within the licensing rounds, Which production has tripled for the period (2011-2016), it is hoped that production exceeds one million barrel threshold in 2020 Which will reflect the benefit of Iraq in general and especially to maintain that Iraq is an international rentier.