The effect of The Organizational Agility On High Performance ( Applied Search )


Abstract The current research aims to know the reality of the research's coefficients, to know correlation and effectiveness between the organizational Agility and high performance . The current research has been applied on the official banks , including a sample of senior administration members (120) ; besides , the research has used questionnaire that being considered as the main tool for gathering information and data . It includes 59 questions in addition to the personal interviews program as to support the questionnaire and to fulfill a great deal of reality. It has been analyzed the answers as to get to the ultimate results using a set of statistic means ( average , scaling diversion , difference coefficient, Pearson coefficient , and multi- diversion) . This have been carried out by SPSS and the research has tested a number of main and sub-main hypotheses concerning with the correlation and effectiveness among the research factors, especially the basic inquiry (Is there an effectiveness on the organizational Agility in the high performance? ) . The research has reached to conclusions , most importantly the unconcern of the official banks to follow up the environment changes in respect to the competitive ' movement , from other banks since they are of an official body and not being considered as a competition with others. Since the employees' s salaries continue and being not effected by the competition or achieving profits , this could lead to the exchange of workers to know each other , along with their training courses ,to increase their abilities in learning . The reasons lying behind the unconcern of the official banks over the comprehensive quality, lie in the low awareness within the senior administration members to improve the service quality and production. The researcher has reached to a set of recommendations, most importantly the necessity of the organization to seek for following up the modern technological changes and to go ahead for development and modernization; besides, the concern over the quality by the researched organization as to meet the customer's needs via commitment to the improvement performance for operations as to increase the willing within the customer and to increase loyalty within the workers and finally to increase efficiency.