Fluctuations of global crude oil prices and their effect on inflation and economic growth in Iraq " A standard study for the period 1988– 2015"


That Iraq's dependence on the revenues of the oil product in financing its development programs and growth rates , Making the economy affected by external forces represented by fluctuations in crude oil prices in the global market, Which is directly reflected on the performance and efficiency of the Iraqi economy. The study adopted its objectives to analyze the time series for the period (1988 - 2015) through the use of standard and statistical methods, Four standard models were estimated to reach those targets, Where the results of the stability test showed instability of most variables at their original level, But to achieve stability when taking the first differences, While the results of cointegration Johansen- Juselius there is an integrative relationship between crude oil prices and nominal GDP with and without oil, While the absence of it with the variable with inflation rate. Finally, the study shifted to a Granger causlity test to show the causal relationship between oil prices (independent variable) and the rate of inflation and output of with and without oil (dependent variables). And found a one-way causal relationship from oil prices to nominal GDP with and without oil, While we find that there is no relationship with the inflation as well