Integration Balanced Scorecard and technology( TDABC) technology to achieve competitive advantage


AbstractThat the reduction of costs for products and services provided by economic units is one of the main concerns at the present time to keep pace with competition in the markets, economic units are always striving to stay competitive in a modern business environment and achieve a competitive advantage, (TDABC) in the General Company for Electrical and Electronic Industries / Air cooler engine plant to reduce the costs facing the economic units under the circumstances of the Iraqi environment, especially the industrial, and the need for development events in traditional methods (TDABC) as a technology for reducing costs by relying on time guidelines. The research also concluded that the financial and non-financial information provided by TDABC, As an input to Balanced Scorecard (BSC) technology, it is an important database that helps to achieve development, improvement and cost reduction objectives for economic units. The most important recommendations of the researcher to work on the integration of the balanced scorecard and TDABC technology to contribute to the formation of a strong administrative system helps in achieving the objectives of economic units, including reducing the cost of products and provide information on the cost and profitability of the products they provide, and contribute to the identification of resource requirements and The company uses the TDABC technology to help reduce product costs by using time equations, highlighting unused energy that can be avoided, and contributing to providing more accurate information on the costs of production processes that are necessary to improve the production processes of the research sample company.