The Baghdadi narrators in Saheeh Muslim - descriptive study


Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and prayers and peace be upon our Prophet and our Companions Muhammad and his good companions and those who follow his approach to the Day of Judgment. Is the year of Mustafa peace be upon him, as God prepared for her men saved from the interpretation of the ignorant and the people of atheism, and determined to deliver them, and identified the correct of the Suqaimha, has been optional for one of the right, is true Imam Muslim, to know the impact of the Baghdadi in his novel, and to emphasize their efforts in The service of the Hadith, and that they were characterized by Control and perfection, ie, that their efforts were characterized both: quantitative and qualitative. So my research was entitled: The Baghdadi narrators in Saheeh Muslim, and each of them of the number. Descriptive study.The research needed to be divided after the introduction on two topics and a conclusion:The first topic: the Baghdadi narrators in Saheeh Muslim, and assigned to the title of Baghdadi.The second topic: narrators who came to Baghdad in Saheeh Muslim, or those who settled in it, some of whom were buried in Baghdad, such as Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal (may Allah have mercy on him).The conclusion is the most important results that showed the numbers of Baghdadites or those who settled and settled in them. The census of each narrator is important in indicating the efforts of the narrators according to the cities, on the one hand, and the distinction between narrators who have similar names or who only mention their names or names Abstract, which may lead to confusion, as well as recommendations, which are an invitation to complete the counting of Meruiyat correct and others according to cities and their statement by the research students