Model for Treating the Defect in General Economic Equilibrium Under Imam Ali’s Ruling Later Assigned to Malik Al-Ashtar (may Allah be pleased with him)


The phenomenon of economic disequilibrium is a timeless problem. Despite the difference in form, it matches in the contents and results. When the Imam Ali (pbuh) became the Khalifa of Muslims, he inherited faulty economic and social policies from the predecessors. His pact to Malik Al-Ashtar (may Allah be pleased with him) was a comprehensive constitution. It contained provisions governing the life of the people. This pact also included integrated policies for all aspects of life, especially the economic field. The pact emphasized on the necessity to respect principles of Islam in dealing with all the negative phenomena. Generalizing the pact was a significant program for all states and all generations. Moreover, the pact focused on the importance of selecting qualified and experienced individuals who are competent for decision making in state institutions.The research reached a number of results, which can be used to address many of the contemporary difficult issues. It concluded in the discovery of a model with basics for general economic equilibrium. This model can substitute the previously proposed models that have been practically unsuccessful in preventing crises or economic imbalances.